*smfoundation ART store* SPECIAL FUNDRAISING SALE -- All proceeds go to 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes relief fund

A month has passed since a series of Magnitude 6-7 earthquakes hit Kumamoto City and surrounding areas on Kyushu Island in Japan on April 16, 2016.  Unlike 2011's Tohoku Earthquakes, there were no Tsunami, thus fortunately, a much lower death toll. However, aftershocks continue and nearly 118,000 evacuees are still in temporary shelters while we hardly see any coverage of this outside Japan. (And despite these non-stop aftershocks, the only nuclear plant re-activated after 2011 located directly to its South continues to operate.) For the Tohoku earthquakes, Matt and I were fortunate to have so much support in organizing an amazing art fundraising event, thanks to DHC/ART Curator Cheryl Sim and all participating artists and volunteers.  For Kumamoto, even if in a modest scale, we still want to help out. Once again all we have is art but we will donate all proceeds from sales of our work to this cause. We will send it either to the Japanese consulate in Montreal who is now accepting direct donations, or to other alternative organizations in Japan who are making sure that our donation gets to those who need it. We will run the sale until the end of July 2016.

For local Montreal supporters, we take appointments for viewing the work in person. Other lower priced works are also available on site. For those who can pick up the work themselves, we will reimburse the shipping charge. All prices are in CAD. Please contact us for any questions before purchasing through Paypal. We will issue a receipt for your purchase.*Click images to enlarge*


James_(underscore)_Brown by Matthew Evans  (Click image to enlarge)

Digital print of video stills: 4 colour variations to choose from for both "JAMES" and "BROWN", which are sold as a pair. Ink jet print on photopaper; 8.5" x 11"



$80 + $5 shipping (for one "Brown" and one "James" as a pair)

prints will be mailed in a protective envelop


***Please specify the desired colour combimation of a JAMES and a BROWN in the message box on the PayPal purchase page, using the code attached to each image, (ex. "I want J1 & B3")


FONT FACE: Culturelab / Reg by Matthew Evans (Click image to enlarge)


Silkscreen; 22" x 30"
2 prints from the edition of 10 are available

FONT FACE: Culturelab / Reg

$150 + $15 shipping

print will be mailed in a protective tube


The Situation by Matthew Evans (Click image to enlarge)


Silkscreen on 6 varied papers; 11" x 17" each except for black (6" x 17")

The Situation

$20 ~ $30 + $10 shipping

please select


Selected oil paintings from making/living, living/making project by Shinobu Akimoto (Click image to enlarge)


Puppy (blue): 19.5"x19.5" / Rat (green): 18"x19.5" / Squirrel (red): 12"x15.75" / Lab (pink): 11.5"x12.5"

Oil paintings from making/living, living/making project

Pickup or delivery only

please select


Souvenir Series (Catalogue-Zen Drawings) by Shinobu Akimoto


Mixed-media; 16 images in various sizes, Framed

Souvenir Series (Catalogue-Zen Drawing)

Click here for details and purchase

Pick-up or delivery only

Extra photos from Apartment Painting Project by Shinobu Akimoto


Photographs in 11 colour variations; 11" x 17", Unframed

11 extra photographs from Apartment Painting Project

$100 each + $10 shipping

Go to SHOP for details and purchase

Other unframed prints (litho, etching, lino) and small works under $100 are also available -- please ask